We deliver patient-centredvalue-based and integrated solutions for primary healthcare in Malaysia.


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Virtual Care


  • 2X virtual visits with Family Medicine Specialists (FMS)

  • 1X mental health counselling session

  • 1X supervised Covid RTK test with a verified report (by CLEA)

  • Free virtual visit with FMS (if still RTK-positive on Day 4)

  • Text messaging with doctors & pharmacists (9am-6pm daily)

  • A Digital Symptoms Checklist

  • A Customizable Patient Emergency Plan with hospital referrals


Covid Care


  • Free online screening for Long Covid

  • 2X in-person physiotherapy session

  • 2X virtual visits with Family Medicine Specialist (FMS)

  • 1X virtual visit with an Occupational Health Specialist

  • 1X virtual group session with a Nutritionist

  • Text messaging with doctors & pharmacists (8am-8pm daily)

Leads to free preliminary screening.

Senior Health Services

  • Senior 5-Point Assessment

  • Memory Assessment

  • Fall Risk Assessment

  • Home Hazard Assessment

  • Otago Exercise


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We are a Malaysian health start-up delivering patient-centred and integrated solutions for specific diseases in primary and preventive healthcare.

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Our Mission: easy-to-understand, accessible & affordable healthcare, in clinics, at your home and on your mobile devices.


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