Health for All

In Angsana Health, we are building a better primary healthcare system in Malaysia and Southeast Asia to provide Health for All.


Delivering digital-first, human-centric, value-based, and integrated solutions in primary healthcare.

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Our Angsana Values :

Kindness, Integrity, Excellence, Humility, Sustainability

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Angsana Health is a team of kind human beings who are also talented and highly-educated professionals. As front-liners during COVID, we saw major gaps in our primary healthcare (PHC) system. Therefore, we started Angsana in Jan 2022 to build a better PHC system to help protect our families, improve health outcomes, increase healthcare access, and improve patient experience in Malaysia and SEA.

We are guided and rooted by our Angsana Values: Kindness. Integrity. Excellence. Humility. Sustainability.

We are building a human-centric, value-based, and integrated PHC system in SEA, so everyone receives the primary healthcare they need and deserve.

In the next 10 years, we are building a next-generation digital primary healthcare system for 10 million people in Southeast Asia.

Our PHC system will be:

  • Effective – by placing the human person (not only doctors or sick patients) in the centre.
  • Affordable – by measuring value, not just cost.
  • Easy-to-use – by integrating teams of healthcare professionals and digital tools, not in individual silos.

Growth In Our Shade

Angsana (Pterocarpus indicus) is a tree native to Southeast Asia, and is famous for growing fast, tall, and shady. The Angsana tree has a dense and wide-spreading canopy, providing shade to all living beings under it. We chose this name to reflect our SEA heritage, expertise, and ambitions, and our philosophy of being nurturing and caring.

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